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Brave til the Grave

The Pale Face Turtleneck

FIGHT BACK! Too often so-called blacks are expected to take the high road when they are mistreated.  When we instinctively punch back, we are ridiculed and scolded, oftentimes more harshly than the initiator.  We are expected to turn the other cheek because it has become the norm in our society.

Fuck all that noise!   We hit back around here! Sometimes for people to learn, wake up, or care, they have to feel what its like when the shoe is on the other foot.  And for those who are quick to mislabel us racist, who apparently have no real understanding of the concept-racism cannot be exercised by an oppressed people.  We do not possess the power, the influence, nor the infrastructure to deny anyone success, freedom, justice, or equal opportunities.  So if you think we're racist, you're probably just experiencing hurt feelings.  Facts.

I feel like buying another shirt just to shoot a video about it. Im a fan for life, guys!

Rookie White

Before I even knew of the That Brave Life brand, I saw a Harriet shirt and said, "That's Brave!"

Davina Ellis

I love the handwritten personal thank-you message that came with the packaging. The packing was dope, too!

Darryl Wyatt

I LOVE my shirt!!! And I wear it proudly! They are not your average t-shirt company, my shirt is quality and it feels amazing on! I will be waiting for the next drop!!

Yvonne Smith