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Only The Brave® is a series created for a select few—freethinkers who dare stand alone in their unpopular truths. Unmatched quality. Dope designs. Unapologetic passion.

Keep the hu$$le alive

MAGA: Men Against Genocidal Assholes™


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Black Man, Do You Know Who You Are? | Free Digital Copy

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Learn the hidden truth about your wonderful history and future so you can thrive on this earth made just for you. 

The Pale Face Turtleneck

Fight back! Too often so-called blacks are expected to take the high road when they are mistreated in the US. When we instinctively punch back, we are ridiculed and scolded, oftentimes more harshly than the initiator. We are expected to turn the other cheek because it has become the norm in our society.

Fuck all of that. We hit back around here. Sometimes for people to learn, wake up, or care, they have to feel what it's like when the shoe is on the other foot. And for those who are quick to mislabel us racist, who apparently have no real understanding of the concept—racism cannot be exercised by an oppressed people. We do not possess the power, the influence, nor infrastructure to deny anyone success, freedom, justice, or equal opportunities. So if you think we're racist, you're probably just experiencing hurt feelings. Facts.

Welp! We've Been Copied. Already.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We say imitation is irritation. This knockoff bugs the hell out of us as we take pride in our work and are building a solid reputation. So many things wrong with this shirt:

1. The graphic starts waaay too close to the neck. We would never!

2. The shirt is all dusty and off white.

3. SHOT is fat and stubby.

4. The design isn't even really on the shirt. It's slapped on digitally—they even threw that mug on a mug! SMH

5. And it's dumb plain without the blood spattered period. Period!

I think Harriet Would've Shot the good folks at Brainy Tee®.

Coming Soon: The "Nah, Son!" Shirt

The Nah, Son! shirt keeps in line with our freethinking braves, as NASA has recently been outed for using Photoshopped images of Earth and other space objects. NASA admits on several occasions that they can't go beyond low earth orbit due to the deadly Van Allen Radiation Belt (throwing shade on the moon landing). NASA, a government entity racks in millions of tax dollars daily, as they lie, deceive and push propaganda on us—even reaching as far as fashion. Catch brands like Ralph Lauren Polo®, Heron Preston® with their $300 t-shirts, and others big names cashing in as they push NASA lies. To that we say, "Nah, son!"

social media shout outs

I feel like buying another shirt just to shoot a video about it. I'm a fan for life, guys.

Rookie White

Before I even knew of the Only The Brave™ brand, I saw a Harriet shirt and said, "That's brave!"

Davina Ellis

I love the handwritten personal thank-you message that came with the packaging. The packaging was dope, too! 

Darryl Wyatt

Feel fear and do it anyway.

Brave til the grave.